Oracle: Logical Not Operator

Logical Not Operator in oracle returns True if the expression returns False and it returns False if the expression returns True. To apply this operation we use the keyword NOT.

To understand the concept follow the table below:

ConditionNOT Operator


Select Column from Table_name
Where NOT condition;

NOTE: The result will output the values that do not lie under the condition mentioned above.


We have a Stu table as shown below:

Stu Table

Now, if you apply Logical NOT Operator in the above table, the code is as follows:

select *  from Stu where NOT name='Radha'


Stu Table

As per what the condition says, was to return values where the name is Radha. However, NOT Operator has reversed the output in such a way, that the values that lie under the condition are not displayed. Therefore, displaying values that do not lie under the condition.