Oracle: Inner Join

Inner join in oracle is nothing but a simple join that helps to Join two or more tables with the help of a similar column present in those tables. Mostly the columns use to join two or more table is the primary key that act as the foreign key for another table.

inner join


Select Column from Table1 JOIN Table2
ON Table1.column=Table2.column;

Note: A simple Join represents Inner Join.


We have following two tables Stu and Marks1. Marks table represents the marks of those student list that are present in Stu Table. The common column in both the table is Roll_no.

Kindly refer to the Stu and Marks table below:

What is inner Join in Oracle

Also, the Marks1 table as:

inner join

Now, we want to Join two of the tables by using a common column. Here we will use inner join as:

select * from Stu s inner join Marks m
ON s.Roll_no = m.Roll_no;


inner join


1)Separate rows are allocated to both the Roll_no columns.

2)All values that are not common in both the table are not the part of output.