Oracle Employee Database Case Study: Insert Data Into Tables

Now after creating all the tables we need to insert values into those tables. For Insertion of values into the tables we the following syntax:

Insert into Table_Name Values ( ...)

1. Location Table

For the location Table, we have Location_id as an integer type of data, and City is a Character type data that is always with the' ' sign.

--Inserting Values into Location--
Insert into Location Values(122,'New York');
Insert into Location Values(123,'Dallas');
Insert into Location Values(124,'Chicago');
Insert into Location Values(167,'Boston');
Select * from Location;

  1. Insert into Location Values (values...) is used to insert values into a table.
  2. Select * from Location helps to display the table after the insertion of values.


2. Job Table

--Insert into Job
insert into Job values(667,'Clerk');
Insert into Job values(668,'Staff');
Insert into Job values(669,'Analyst');
Insert into Job values(670,'Sales Person');
Insert into job values(671,'Manager');
Insert into Job values(672,'President');
select * from Job;


job Table

3. Department Table

--Insert into Department
Insert into Department Values(10,'Accounting',122);
Insert into Department Values(20,'Sales',124);
Insert into Department Values(30,'Research',123);
Insert into Department Values(40,'Operations',167);
Select * from Department;


Department Table_insertion

4. Employee Table

--Insert Values into Employee
insert into employee values(1, 'Smith','John','Q',667,NULL,'17-Dec-84',800,NULL,20);
insert into employee values(2,'Allen','Kevin','J',670,1,'20-Feb-85',1600,300,30);
insert into employee values(3,'Doyle','Jean','K',671,2,'04-Apr-85',2850,NULL,30);
insert into employee values(4,'Dennis','Lynn','S',671,3,'15-May-85',2750,NULL,30);
insert into employee values(5,'Baker','Leslie','D',671,4,'10-Jun-85',2200,NULL,40);
insert into employee values(6,'Wark','Cynthia','D',670,5,'22-Feb-85',1250,500,30);
  1. Here, NULL represents that no value is present at a particular place.
  2. Date is always enclosed with the ' ' sign and is written in DD-MMM-YY format.


Employee Table


  1. here is no different procedure to insert the primary key and the Foreign key.
  2. Make sure the value of the Primary key must be similar to that of its Foreign keys.