When we talk about databases, it is categorized into two types SQL and NoSQL database. According to the needs, we need to identify which database we need to choose. Below, given is the table that represents the difference between SQL and NoSQL:


SQL Database

NoSQL Database

WhatIt is generally RDBMS i.e. Relational Database Management SystemThis does not work on RDBMS. Therefore, we can call it a non-relational or distributed database
StructureRDBMS means data in this database is stored in tables i.e in rows and columns. So, we can say that it follows a structured formatĀ No SQL Database follows a schema-less structure or a key-value pair that can store data document-oriented, graphs, columns-oriented format
QueryThe query here is implemented using SQL Language or Structured Query LanguageHere the query is implemented in JSON or BSON Format. BSOD is just the primary form of JSON data
SchemaIt follows a Static schemaIt follows a dynamic schema
ScalabilitySQL database is vertically scalable, which means that we can increase the load on the database server using CPU, RAM, etcNo SQL Database is horizontally scalable. That means you can tackle more data and traffic. All you need to do is to add more servers to the No SQL database. This, makes it work more efficiently
PropertyIt follows ACID PropertyIt follows CAP Property