MySQL Lock Table for Write

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The lock is a mechanism in MySQL to restrict unauthorized access to a personal table. MYSQL allows us to incorporate table locks and are of many types for various types of locks. MYSQL also prevents unauthorized modifications to the table when in a locked state.


  • The current session is the only place where we can read and write with write, and other sessions other than the current cannot access either read or write.
  • Other sessions are restricted from using the table until the WRITE lock is released.

Let us take the same table "rec."

mysql write lock

  • Let us lock it with WRITE.

write lock in mysql

  • Let us try to insert some data from the current session.
INSERT INTO rec(ID, Name, Email)    
VALUES (5, 'mana', '')

mysql write lock

  • We can see from the current session it is possible.
  • Let us try to view or update from another session and see what happens.

write lock mysql

  • When we tried to insert the same into the table "rec," we could see that it was running and won't proceed till the lock was removed.
  • Other sessions trying to access the table can be released using UNLOCK TABLES from the origin session. Until then, it is impossible to make changes to it.