MySQL From Clause

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So in MySQL, if we wanna select or retrieve records of single or multiple tables, the 'from' clause is used.


SELECT * FROM tablename


  • If a FROM clause is used in MySQL, at least one table must be selected in the query.
  • If two or more tables are used in MySQL using the 'FROM' clause, they are likely to be joined using the inner and outer join.

MySQL FROM Clause: Retrieving One Table

The below query specifies how single table data is retrieved.

SELECT * FROM employee;

MySQL FROM Clause: Retrieving Two Table Data

We have two tables, employee and salary, and want two data using an inner join.

SELECT employee.firstName, salary.may FROM salary INNER JOIN employee ON salary.salID = employee.empID;

This will get two-column data firstname and may columns from both tables based on the standard IDS.


So this is one way of using FROM clause in MySQL effectively.