MongoDB: Update Document

Update as the word describes, is used to change the values in an existing document in MongoDB. It can be done in 3 ways in MongoDB:

  • updateOne()
  • updateMany()
  • replaceOne()



updateOne( filter,data, options)

updateOne() is used to update the first document(from the top) that satisfies the parameters( filter, data, options).

  • filter: This parameter sets the criteria to update a document. 
  • data: This includes the data that needs to be updated. 
  • options: This includes upsert, collation, writeConcern, and other options that we are going to discuss later.

Let's understand the concept of the updateOne() with the help of the example below:


You have a collection named edatabase that contains the following 4 documents:

Mongodb: update document

Now, you need to update the salary of those employees whose salary is <30000 by giving incrementation for 2000. Follow the code below for the same:

db.edatabase.updateOne( {Salary: {$lt: 30000}},{$inc:{Salary: 2000}})

In the above-mentioned code:

{Salary:{$lt: 30000}} is the filter applied. While {$inc:{Salary: 2000}} is the data part that displays what update we want to make in the values. 


Mongodb: update document

The output says that two values are altered. Therefore, the final dataset is shown below wherein the salary below 30000 is incremented by 2000:

Mongodb: update document

Note: the updateOne() command is responsible to update one document that satisfies the parameters first.