The Mobile JSON Wire Protocol

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JSON Wire Protocol

  • The JSON Wire Protocol (JSONWP) is the version of the WebDriver spec currently implemented by all the Selenium clients. The JSON wire protocol (JSONWP) is a transport mechanism created by WebDriver developers.
  • The JSONWP is the abstract specification of how automation behaviours are mapped to Selenium server HTTP requests and responses.
  • The purpose of WebDriver and JSONWP is the automated testing of websites via a browser such as Firefox driver, IE driver and Chrome driver.
  • The wire protocol is implemented in request/response pairs of "commands" and "responses".
  • We need JSONWP for client/server implementation. 

We want a client/server implementation:

  • Write test in any language
  • Selenium Grid
  • Sauce Labs Cloud Services
  • Multiple Server Implementation

Mobile JSON Wire Protocol

  • Appium implements the Mobile JSONWP
  • MJSONWP extension to the Selenium JSONWP
  • It controls the different mobile device behaviors, such as installing/uninstalling apps over the session.
  • Appium, Selendroid and ios-drive have implemented all or some of MJ
  • MJSONWP also updated locator strategies related to native UI for class name, id and xpath
  • It defined new locator strategies like accessibility id, android uiautomator and iosuiautomation.
  • It allow modify the network connectivity state of the devices like Airplane mode, data mode or wifi mode.
  • The need for automation of native and hybrid mobile applications can be met by the extension of the JSONWP, which already has a proven basic automation framework (architecture, interaction model, etc...).