Mirroring Your Android device on Mac using TeamViewer

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 Follow below Steps:

Step 1: Navigate to team viewer site using this link and click on download

Step 2: Click on Download TeamViewer

Step 3: Click on Keep on bottom left corner of browser.

Step 4: Open Downloaded File.

Step 5: Double click on Downloaded File.

Step 6: Click Continue for Introduction.

Step 7: Click Continue for Licence.

Step 8: Click Agree

Step 9: Enter your system password and click Install Software

Step 10: Installation complete. Click Close.

Step 11: Open Google Play store using this link and search for "quick support" and then click on very first result with icon QS.

Step 12: Click on Install.

Step 13: Select your mobile from list.


Step 14: Click on Continue.

Step 15: Enter your gmail password.

Step 16: Click on OK.

Step 17: Open Quick Support on your mobile, wait for remote control feature activation.

Step 18: Your id will be displayed on mobile. Enter that id on your team viewer installed on Mac Operating System.

Step 19: You are done