Maven Dependencies or Jar files required for Appium Project

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Well, a good thing about Appium is that it doesn’t need a lot of JAR files for its functioning. There are only 2 different set of JARs that you need to download. These are:

Click on link to download.

Appium uses similar logic that is used by Selenium to interact with browsers. Appium uses Selenium’s protocols and then extends it to add many mobile specific capabilities.

Due to this, when you work with Appium scripts you will be able to use common Selenium methods such as click(), sendkeys() etc. Together with that you will also have many mobile specific functions at your disposal, such as swipe(), zoom(), pinch() etc.

Selenium Standalone Server - is a java jar file which is used for starting selenium server and basically for selenium grid.

The server is good if you run your test over the remote machine, or multiple machines (nodes), if you want to automate locally and test on the browser and  don't want to run in parallel, selenium-java is good for you.