Manage HTTP user sessions using HTTP cookie manager in JMeter

The HTTP cookie manager stores and sends cookies like a web browser does. Each JMeter thread gets its own session, it will prevent users' sessions overlapping from one another. JMeter also provides a way to add user-defined cookie values to a test plan.

You would require HTTP Cookie Manager to run Login related scenarios.

Step 1: Start JMeter

Step 2: Right click on your test plan and go to Add -> Config Element -> HTTP Cookie Manager

Step 3: Select HTTP Cookie Manager from Left Pane.

Step 4: There are several self explanatory options
a. Clear cookie each iteration?
b. Cookie Policy
c. User-Defined Cookie: To add or delete use button at bottom of screen. You can also load it from some external source

Tue, 03/02/2021 - 22:10
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