Machine Learning Courses in Pune

Machine Learning Courses in Pune

Being one of the most important educational and industrial hubs of India, Pune is the eighth-largest metropolis in India. It offers various courses and the Machine learning course is one such course with a good future. Machine learning is a growing field and a promising career for those who want to pursue it. This blog discusses the top 10 machine learning courses in Pune which will help if you want to develop a career in Machine learning.

Following is the list of the top 10 Machine learning courses in Pune:

1. Henry Harvin:

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin offers many courses and has a separate academy for AI and Machine learning. It offers a Machine learning course training and certification. It is considered one of the best machine learning courses in Pune. This course teaches what and how machine learning uses python and advanced excel. It is ranked among the top 3 courses in the industry by Best news course.

  • Duration: 32 hours
  • Fees: ₹15,000/
  • 100% practical training with internship and placement assistance

2. Datamites:


It is a global institute for data science which offers various courses in the field of data science, AI and machine learning. This institute offers a Machine learning course in Pune that covers Python/R, machine learning algorithms, and deploying machine learning methods. And it includes 3 months of live project mentoring. For practice, this institute gives unlimited access to a cloud lab during learning.

  • Duration: 6 months
  • Fees: ₹48,000/
  • Accredited by IABAC

3. ExcelR:


It offers one of the best machine learning courses in Pune. This institute has good faculty who are having good industry experience to teach the course. They also offer various courses such as data science, digital marketing, and software-related programs. This machine learning program comes with assured placement support with a dedicated placement cell at ExcelR.

  • Duration: 40 hours
  • Students will work on more than 60 projects and 2 real-time projects
  • Prerequisites: Computer skills, Basic knowledge of mathematics and data science concepts.

4. Intellipaat:


It is an online learning platform that offers various courses in the field of technology. Intellipaat also offers many university programs. They offer a Machine Learning Training Course in Pune which is in association with CCE, IIT Madras. This course will be taught by faculty at IIT Madras and other experts in the industry.

  • Duration: 218+ hours of self-paced videos and 200 hours of projects and exercises
  • Fees: $1492
  • 100% placement assistance

5. Ethans Tech:

Ethans Tech

This one started with the aim of offering quality training to individuals. And it offers many job-oriented and software-related courses. They offer machine learning training in Pune which is one of the best machine learning courses in Pune. The syllabus of this course is constantly revised every 6 months with the help of industry experts.

  • Duration: 50 to 60 hours with about 16 to 20 lectures
  • Real-life case studies, and assignments.
  • Job assistance

6. SevenMentor:


It is a training institute that offers various HR courses, data science courses, and SAP courses. They make sure to incorporate all the international standards in their courses. It offers a machine learning program in Pune. This course uses Keras libraries and TensorFlow. They will help in resume preparation and interview assistance after the completion of the program.

  • Batches: Regular and Weekend
  • Duration: 90 hours
  • Level: Beginners level to experts level

7. Fireblaze AI School:

Fireblaze AI School

It is an academy dedicated especially to AI that offers many courses in relation to AI and Data Science. Under Machine Learning, this school offers Python for Data Science and Machine Learning programs. This course offers hands-on training and is suitable for anyone interested to learn this course. It also provides all the needed learning materials online to the students.

  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Fees: ₹9999/
  • Mode: Online instructor-led
  • Requirements: Own a laptop

8. Techdata solutions:

Techdata solutions

It is another academy that offers various courses in Data Science and also offers one of the best machine learning courses in Pune. Techdata’s machine learning program in Pune will offer an introduction to machine learning, statistical pattern recognition, and data mining. They also revise their syllabus of the machine learning course every 6 months. The course is both project-based and practical-oriented. One can also request a demo if interested in this course.

9. Technogeeks:


It offers a Data Science and Machine learning program with python. They also have various other software-related courses. The course offers 250 hours of live training and 75 hours of project training. It also offers many assignments, projects, and real-life case studies to work on.

10. Marisan Technologies:

Marisan Technologies

It offers a machine learning course and a machine learning internship program in Pune. The duration of the machine learning course is 100 hours. It also offers many AI and data science courses. Students who wish to enrol in this course should have a basic knowledge of algebra, calculus and basic programming.


Before 20 years, manual cashiers placed huge shock when their jobs got replaced by AI and machines. Likewise in the near future, a lot of jobs are under threat of being replaced by machines. Even when we find this difficult to believe, AI is already taking over the world in many fields. This all was mentioned in the book Homo Deus written by Yuval Noah Harari. So choosing to learn a machine learning course will be a wise choice to make. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the scope of machine learning in India?

Compared to other fields or careers, machine learning has good scope as lots of jobs are about to be replaced by machines and automation in India too.

Which is the best Machine learning course in Pune?

We recommend taking up Henry Harvin’s Machine learning course if you are looking for the best course in Pune.

Can anyone learn machine learning?

Anyone who is interested can surely learn Machine learning.

What are the scopes of Machine learning?

The machine learning field is expanding in almost all areas from banking to medicine. So once you become an expert in it, you can work in any field.

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