Katalon vs Sahi Pro

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Katalon Studio is a complete test automation solution with various features for testing online, API, mobile, and desktop applications. It is built on the Selenium and Appium frameworks and offers a user-friendly interface and extensive scripting features. Here are some of Katalon's primary features:

Cross-browser testing: Katalon offers testing on several browsers, allowing you to assure platform compatibility.
IDE: Katalon has an integrated development environment (IDE) with a GUI that allows you to build and manage test cases.
Object repository: It facilitates the management of test objects by providing a centralized area to store and reuse them across multiple test cases.
Data-driven testing: Katalon offers data-driven testing, allowing you to drive your tests with external data sources and run them with different datasets.
Scripting Support: Katalon includes a comprehensive set of built-in keywords for typical testing actions and scripting capabilities in Groovy and JavaScript.

Sahi Pro

Sahi Pro is an advanced, feature-rich test automation tool created primarily for web application testing. It focuses on giving testers an easy-to-use scripting language and an intuitive UI. Sahi Pro has the following essential features:

Language: Sahi Pro employs a primary JavaScript-based scripting language. Only need a basic understanding of programming is required to get started.
Playback immediately within the browser: Sahi Pro allows you to playback tests directly, making viewing and debugging test performance simple.
Object identification: It provides a variety of methods for identifying and locating elements on a web page, such as characteristics, position, and more.
Data-driven testing: Sahi Pro facilitates data-driven testing by connecting with CSV, Excel, and databases, allowing testers to run tests against various datasets.
Cross-browser and cross-platform testing: Sahi Pro allows you to test your application across numerous browsers and operating systems, assuring application compatibility.