JSON Schema Validation in REST Assured

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Schema validation ensures that the response coming back from the endpoint matches with the predefined set of rules. So, without analyzing the response in detail, to know first-off whether the JSON body conforms to a certain JSON format. 

JsonSchemaValidator, A Hamcrest matcher that can be used to validate that a JSON document matches a given JSON schema. From version 2.1.0 REST Assured has support for Json Schema validation. 

Step 1: Add following dependency in pom.xml. You can check latest maven dependency from here.

<!-- https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/io.rest-assured/json-schema-validator -->

Step 2: Then we need schema for test, which is generally provided by the developer but if it is not you can generate schema from here using json response.

Step 3: Save generated schema to .json file.

Step 4: Paste below code

public void jsonschematest()
        .pathParam("id", id)

Step 5: If you are getting error do static import: