JSDoc Comments

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JSDoc is a JavaScript documentation generator tool that provides documentation for JavaScript code. JSDoc comments are special comments written in a specified format to provide JavaScript code documentation. These comments provide extra information to developers on how the code works, the functions performed, and how to utilize them.

JSDoc comments are typically written in the following format:

* This is a JSDoc comment.
* @param {type} parameterName - Description of the parameter.
* @returns {type} - Description of the return value.

  • Let us see about the JSDoc in brief detail:

    /**: The beginning of a JSDoc comment. It signifies that the following comment is for documentation purposes.
  • *: This is used to begin each line of a JSDoc comment.
  • @param: This is used to document a function's parameters. It is followed by the parameter's name, type, and description.
  • @returns: This is used to document a function's return value. It is then followed by the type of return value and a description of the return value.
  • @type: This specifies the type of a variable or property.
  • @description: This describes a function, variable, or other code elements.
  • @example: This demonstrates how to use a function or code element.

Other tags used in JSDoc comments include @throws for documenting faults a function may throw, @see for referencing related documentation, and @deprecated for identifying code as deprecated.