Jira Service Desk vs ServiceNow: ITSM Comparison

Jira Service Desk vs ServiceNow: ITSM Comparison

Jira Service Desk vs ServiceNow: ITSM Comparison

Jira Service Desk is a kind of new software useful in service management and most preferred by business and IT teams. ServiceNow, on the other hand, is a powerful and advanced cloud-based ITSM platform that helps business to manage and automate their processes. Further, ServiceNow Integration acts as an information exchange between the other systems and the Now Platform. 

Further, Jira is a project tracking tool that also helps in tracking bugs. It is developed by Atlassian and written in Java programming. Also, it quickly adapts to the user's needs to provide an effortless service experience with a pricing and setup time

ServiceNow is a ticketing tool that helps companies to manage the digital workflow for various business processes. Also, it is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and aids in automating business processes. 

Here, in this article, you will come to know the key differences between the Jira Service Desk vs ServiceNow ITSM tools. 

A brief note on ITSM: It refers to IT Service Management which includes the end-to-end processes and activities in delivering IT services to users by the IT teams. The services included in ITSM are design, creation, support, and delivery of IT services to the customer.

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Difference between Jira Service Desk vs ServiceNow

For many business entities, a help desk is a single powerful application for ITSM workflow management. Jira Service Desk mainly focuses on the help desk only. ServiceNow is built around the ITSM and ITIL framework which have a broad view than Jira.

Let us know the points that differ between Jira Service Desk and ServiceNow.

1. Flexibility

ServiceNow brings some extensive capabilities in building basic apps. But it is much more complex compared to Jira. On the other hand, Jira offers simplicity for many tasks that an IT technician can handle with a few technical skills. Jira mostly relies on the help desk to find a solution that includes a set of workflows.

ServiceNow includes a low-code package but the approach is relatively complex. It offers more flexibility to find solutions with the necessary tools and functions for a given mission. Further, SNow will be a great approach if you need ITSM services with flexibility.

2. Highly Scalable

ServiceNow involves IT workflows and allows its users to do anything virtually. Further, it is highly available to users and is highly scalable to use at any level with many users. But Jira Service Desk is supportive up to the help desk beyond which its adaption is complex. Therefore, users don’t get the same level of scalability as they get in ServiceNow. 

3. Integration

ServiceNow offers documented APIs to build add-ons in the application and it provides many APIs for integrations. But Jira Service Desk works only in the ecosystem of Atlassian and has fewer custom-built integrations. Here users need to build their integrations for further use. Thus, ServiceNow is treated much better in this approach.

4. Easy to use

Jira’s service desk approach works well here. The platform offers a framework and tools to support the help desk. It also links workflows using some tools that stay active throughout the ITSM process. Thus, many users find this approach much easy to use for building ITSM workflows. On the other hand, SNow’s online interface is also simple but it is much more focused on ITIL than a service desk. So, it is less useful for small businesses and IT firms. 

5. Scope

The scope of the Jira Service Desk is very much as it is cost-effective and users find it easier to create a help desk. It also follows a template-driven approach that makes it easier to use. But SNow is again a complex approach where enterprises need to hire IT experts with ITIL skills to get the benefit. Moreover, the price structure is also higher in this sense. Thus, it is available to a small number of users only.

6. User Interface

Jira’s UI is very user-friendly, easy to use, and very interactive to grasp. But ServiceNow is less accessible and not interactive like Jira and is a complex approach.

Thus, the above are some of the major areas of differences between Jira Service Desk vs ServiceNow. 

Now let us see some key points that differ between these two ITSM tools.

Jira Service Desk vs ServiceNow: Key differences 

  • In ServiceNow, platform updates are not easier to do as users themselves need to do this. There will be no support from the software in this regard. But Jira offers an easy approach to updating the platform without any effort and cost.
  • In Jira, platform service is chargeable as users find it much more interactive and easier for app development. But in ServiceNow, there is no charge for platform service and it depends upon the user's need and usage.
  • Jira’s Service Desk is most useful for small businesses because it offers an easy-to-use platform at a lesser cost. On the other hand, ServiceNow is best-suitable for large-scale entities. It supports IT workflow management through partner offerings. Thus, users like IT enterprises can utilize this virtually or from SNow’s partner library.


Hence, it is a little difficult to choose between the two ITSM tools as both provide some similar services. ServiceNow’s approach is powerful, much complex with greater costs. But Jira Service Desk offers an easy-to-use environment to build apps within Atlassian’s ecosystem. Both of these are capable to support incident/problem management, change management, etc. 

ServiceNow ITSM tool competes with other products in the market in terms of Data Center Management. But Jira Service Desk competes in the category of IT Asset and IT Management, and Project Collaboration areas. Also, geographically both tools have global customers in many countries who utilize their services. 

Therefore, you can choose the right product for your business use by deeply understanding the project needs. It may take time to be familiar with the products and services of these tools. You can find the best one by going through the costs, and features of each (ServiceNow & Jira Service Desk) tool.

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