JavaScript: Variable Naming Conventions

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So in any language, there is a set of rules for naming a variable, today we will see about some of those rules or otherwise called naming conventions of a variable.

Naming Conventions:

  • When it comes to alphabets we can make use of both upper and lower case (eg: a-z, A-Z).
  • When it comes to numbers we can use from (eg: 0-9).
  • When it comes to special characters we can make use of two characters one is the Dollar($) sign and the other one is the Underscore(_).



    Example #1:

    Normally you have to keep in mind that a variable should not contain any whitespaces (tabs or spaces).

    first name //not allowed
    user    profile  //not allowed

      Example #2:

      A variable cannot begin with a number.

      1user   //not allowed
      10products //not allowed

        Example #3:

        Reserved keywords are also strictly prohibited to be used as a variable naming convention. These are all the words that are already available in the language which cannot be used for custom purposes.


        Example #4:

        Always use meaningful names to be much ease for the coding environment and anyone who views the code from the non-technical area. All variables are case sensitive which means we have to be precise when calling the variable in the field of case. You cannot name a variable val and call it Val.

        use user instead of u
        use orderItems instead of oI
        employee instead of e

          Example #5:

          Javascript uses camel casing that's a style that has been adapted in javascript. Camel Case means the first word will be lowercase and the second part of the word starts in upper case.