JavaScript: Switch Case

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A switch statement is a fundamental control structure used to perform basic actions based upon different conditions passed within. In a switch case, we pass upon a condition that checks whether the state gets satisfied upon the switch block of its presence.




let animal = 'tiger'

    case 'tiger':
    case 'lion':
    case 'Dog':
        console.log("Permission granted upon Noah's ark")
    case 'Carrot':
        console.log("Not an animal")
    case 'chair':
        console.log("Not permitted inside the ark")    

Output: Permission granted upon Noah's ark

  • In this code, we have declared a variable named animal with value tiger.
  • We simply tell the switch case to search for the value tiger assigned and execute that case body and break.
  • This is the basic doing of a switch case. It searches among the body of the case for the tiger, and when it matches, it executes the case body and breaks out of the loop.
  • If we don't use a break, the loop continues to proceed to the end.
  • Now a default at the end of the code we mentioned is nothing but like an else, which is satisfied when the switch case doesn't match any of the provided variables.