Introduction to Sikuli (GUI Automation Tool)

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Sikuli is an automation tool to automate the graphical user interface using the visual image match method.

  • It is both a scripting language and an automation tool.
  • The development of the Sikuli open source project began in 2009 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and continued till 2012.
  •  US government organization National Science Foundation and the Taiwanese private company Quanta Computer supports this project.
  • We can use it to remotely control Websites on Windows, Mac OS, etc.
  • Sikuli and SikuliX software are released under the MIT Licence.
  • SikuliX uses Python as the scripting language. Sikuli's features are also available in Java programs.

Why Sikuli?

  • Sikuli is an open-source, pretty convenient GUI automation tool.
  • One of the significant advantages is that it can automate flash objects.
  • Desktop applications can be automated using Sikuli. We can automate what we visually see on Windows or a windows-based application using it.
  • Simple APIs are provided with it to access all the screen class objects.
  • We can use Sikuli on Windows, Linux, Mac, or the Mobile platform.
  • You can also integrate Sikuli with Selenium.
  • It uses a visual match mechanism to automate desktop and flash objects. It identifies the objects using image recognition and Control GUI (Graphical User Interface) components.