Introduction to ReadyAPI

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ReadyAPI is a powerful tool that contains powerful instruments for the complex and overall testing of our standard API and web services.

  1. ReadyAPI Test: With ReadyAPI Test, we can create functional tests to verify that our services work as expected and quickly produce simple tests or build complex tests using data-driven loops, property expansion, scripting, etc
  2. ReadyAPI Performance: With ReadyAPI Performance, we can simulate a massive load onto our web server to see how it performs under such huge circumstances. Various testing strategies can be used to test different aspects of the server, run parallel tests, and distribute tests among several test computers.
  3. ReadyAPI Virtualization: This can virtualize our services to continue their testing regardless of the development stage. It allows us to create complex behavior and simulate actual behavior.

Why ReadyAPI?

  1. Connect And Test All API Types: ReadyAPI allows us to import any APIs from any specification or schema with just a button click. ReadyAPI Extensively tests and virtualizes the most popular API protocols.
  2. Assertions To Any Code: Point and click functionality allows us to easily add assertions to tests by simply right-clicking and choosing one of the built-in assertions. The astute assertion learns from the API response and intelligently builds counters assertions wherever necessary for maximum test coverage. Can create bulk assertions against hundreds of endpoints within a fraction of seconds. Increases test coverage with baseline validation on nearly everything in the API. Effectively test asynchronous APIs.
  3. Continuous Integration And Deployment: ReadyAPI has extensive integration with automated environments such as GIT, Docker, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, TeamCity, etc. Command-line support for automated testing configurations on fixed machines. Control Environments on which the tests should run.
  4. Reporting And Analytics: ReadyAPI presents itself with a colorful dashboard for quick date metrics. It has other outputs such as JUnit, HTML, CSV, or customizable reporting format.
  5. Comprehensive Security And Performance Testing: Can quickly build and run security and load tests off preexisting functional test cases to ensure that our APIs can handle surges in real-world traffic safely and more securely. 
  6. Accelerate API Test Execution With TestEngine: TestEngine is an optimized test runner for automating SoapUI and ReadyAPI at a large scale. It runs tests in parallel without handling the infrastructure. Avoids execution bottlenecks with queuing implementation.