Introduction to Jython

Jython is an implementation of Python that has to be seamlessly integrated with the JAVA platform. Python is a powerful object-oriented scripting language use primarily in UNIX environments. Jython is extremely useful because it provides the productivity features of a mature scripting language while running on a JVM.

It is designed to run on the Java platform. Jython program can import and use any Java class. Just as Java, Jython program compiles to bytecode.

It is written in Java and supplemented by the dynamic object-oriented programming features of Python. It is freely available for both commercial and non-commercial use and is distributed with source code.

It can import and use any Java class. Except for some standard modules, Jython programs use Java classes instead of Python modules. Jython includes almost all of the modules in the standard Python programming language distribution, lacking only some of the modules implemented originally in C.

It allows users to write programs in Python and compile them to Java bytecodes that run directly on a Java Virtual Machine.