Introduction to google Colaboratory (Colab) Tool

Google Colaboratory is a Google cloud-based service that is similar to Jupyter Notebook in the cloud.We can say that Google Colab is the free version of the Jupyter Notebook which is build on cloud. In this we don't need to install anything. It is a type of document which allows you to share run write python code within the browser.

In Juypter notebook we create a document that contains code along with text, images, HTML, LaTeX, etc. which is then stored in google drive and then we can share it anyone for editing, commenting, and viewing. Our team members can simultaneously edit the code  just in the same way we edit documents in Google Docs.

Google is also involved in AI. It has the most popular AI framework known as TensorFlow and also a development tool collaboratory. TenserFlow is one of the most used opensource tool since 2017. Colaboratory is free for use. Colaboratory is now known as Google Colab or simply Colab.

It has another very attractive feature that is GPU. Google colab is popular because of this features only. GPU support in Google Colab is totally free. 

Google Colab main aim was to make public software that can help in the the academics for teaching machine learning and data science purpose.

Features of Google Colab

  • We can write and execute code in Python.
  • Share the notebooks with the google link
  • Easily import data from the Google Drive.
  • Save notebooks to Google Drive
  • Integrate PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV
  • Free Cloud service with free GPU and TPU
  • Import external datasets