Introduction to AutoIt

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AutoIt is a free and open-source tool to automate any Windows-based task by simulating keystrokes, mouse movements, and other windows commands. It can run on all types of Windows, and it is very compact and self-contained.

It was initially created for basic PC stuff and later advanced to the next level, including programming constructs like looping, user functions, regular expressions, etc.

Features of AutoIt

1. Easy Syntax and Rich Functions Set

Anyone skilled enough with high-level scripting languages can easily pick up AutoIt since its syntax is more straightforward. 

From version 3 ahead, the AutoIt syntax is identical to the BASIC family of languages. In this way, AutoIt is a general-purpose and third-generation programming language.

It has COM (Component Object Model) support, and you can call Win32 and third-party DLL APIs using it. It also supports TCP and UDP protocols.

2. Built-in Editor

Autoit comes with a built-in lite version of SciTE, a SCIntilla based Text Editor. It makes editing easy using syntax highlighter, syntax folding, tooltip, auto-indentation, and autocomplete features.

3. Lightweight And Stand-alone

It is so tiny and stand-alone that it does not require any .NET or VB to execute; instead, it simply needs the script and AutoIt executable to run. 

AutoIt scripts can be converted into a compressed and stand-alone executable that can be run on computers without an AutoIt interpreter installed.

4. Unicode and 64-Bit Support

Autoit is Unicode familiar and contains the x64 versions of all the main components.

5. Keyboard And Mouse Simulation

All the key events and mouse simulations in AutoIt are highly configurable and accurate on all versions of Windows.

6. Window Management & Control

There is move, hide, resize, close, and almost everything Windows do. You can also reference Windows by size, position, class, and win32 API handles.

Interact with the edit boxes, checkboxes, list boxes, buttons, status bars without the threat of keystrokes getting lost. You can even work with Windows that are not active.

7. Graphical User Interfaces

AutoIt has the GUI with a clear and straightforward understanding. Even a non-programming background user can pick up the AutoIt and start using it.