Installing Jira Applications on MAC

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Follow below steps in video to download and install JIRA on localhost. You can download JIRA from here. To for API references you can follow this document.

Step 1: Navigate to download archives link and click on Get Started

download jira for mac

Step 2: Select your OS, accept agreement and click on 

download jira of mac os x

A tar file will be downloaded.

Step 3: Unzip Tar file and place the folder in your desired directory. I have moved it to Documents folder.

Step 4: Set up jira.home in located in atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes


Add value for jira.home 

jira.home =/Users/tarungoswami/jira/

Note: Do not use parent directory for jira.home like document in my case. Also provide absolute path.

Step 5: Run using below command, this file is inside bin directory


if you are getting Wrong JVM version: Jira require 1.8 or 11 to run install the supported Java and follow Step 6 to set the path. Path for installed Java should be similar to path in Step 6.

Step 6: Change Java Path

export Java_Home='/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk-11.0.1.jdk/Contents/Home'

and execute Step 5 again. This time you will see tomcat started.

how to install jira on mac

Step 7: Open your browser and type localhost:8080

Step 8: Select I'll set it up myself and click on Continue to MyAtlassian

install jira mac

Step 9: Select Built in for Database setup and click Next

install jira server on mac

Step 10: Change values for Application Title, Mode, Base URL if you want to other wise click Next

install jira mac os

Step 11: Click on link generate a Jira trail license link

install jira on mac

Step 12: Login or Create Account

how install jira on mac

Step 13: Make sure Jira Software (Data Center) is selected and then click on Generate License 

installing jira applications on mac

Step 14: Click Confirm if you get localhost popup. Your Key will be auto populated. Now click on Next

installing jira on mac os x

Step 15: Setup Admin account and click next

jira standalone installation mac

Remaining Steps are easy to follow.