Install UiPath on Windows 11

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Today in this article, we are going to witness how we can download and install UiPath Community Edition, which is the accessible version of it, step by step:

Step 1: Visit the site

Visit and click on try UiPath free.

uipath installation

Step 2: Register

how to install uipath community edition

Once clicked, it will take us to this part of the page where we have first to sign up and register to download.

Step 3: Now Download

uipath installer download

Once downloaded, it will take us to this page where we need to click download uipath studio. When clicked, it should start downloading a .msi file, the installer file for UiPath.

Step 4: Installation

install uipath studio on windows

  • Double click and open the MSI file to start the installation and make sure it is checked on quick community users like in the pic.
  • It is the current free one.

how to install uipath in windows 11

  • Once the agreement has been accepted and clicked on next, the installation should start and wait for it to end.

Step 5: Complete

how to install uipath for rpa in windows 10

  • It should display something like this click on launch UiPath studio when installed completely.

uipath not installing on windows 7

  • UiPath is now installed on our pc. Copy and paste the service URL to connect to the orchestrator and get started.