Install StatsModels

pip install statsmodels

Installation of StatsModels

StatsModels expect the taking after working appropriately on your machine before these getting StatsModels on your machine.

  • Python 2.6 or afterward
  • Numpy 1.6 or afterward
  • Scipy 0.11 or afterward
  • Pandas 0.12 or afterward
  • Patsy 0.2.1 or afterward
  • Cython 0.24 or afterward

Once you have got these you'll be able start with installation. 

pip install statsmodels

To introduce utilizing pip, open your terminal and sort the taking after command:

sudo pip install statsmodels

Conda Install StatsModels

You can too introduce the same using conda. To introduce utilizing conda, sort the taking after command in terminal: 

sudo  conda  install  statsmodels

Once you're done with the establishment, you'll utilize StatsModels effectively in your Python code by bringing in it:

import statsmodels
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