Install Protractor on Windows 10 OS

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Protractor is a node.js program. To run it, you need to install node.js in your machine first. 

Step 1: Install Node JS and NPM from here

Step 2: Check the compatibility notes from here to make sure your version of Node.js is compatible with Protractor.

Step 3: Use NPM to install protractor globally with the command mentioned below:

npm install –g protractor

Step 4: Above command will install 2 command line tools : Protractor and WebDriver Manager. Verify both installed successfully by typing below commands:

protractor – version
webdriver-manager version

Above command will give you the version of protractor and webdriver manager.

Step 5: The webdriver-manager is a helper tool to get the instance of selenium server running. Use the below command to download the latest binaries:

webdriver-manager update

When we run the command webdriver-manager update it downloads and updates three things namely browser drivers such as ChromeDriver, GeckoDriver, and Selenium Standalone Server.

Step 6: Once your update is done, check the webdriver status you will find latest version of chrome, firefox and selenium server installed:

webdriver-manager status

Step 7: To start the webdriver-manager use the command below

webdriver-manager start

Step 8: Verify webdriver-manager started successfully by visiting http://localhost:4444/wd/hub