Install Inspect EXE in Windows 10

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You can install Inspect.exe in multiple ways, one is you download the Windows SDK following this link or you can get the file from here.

However the file uploaded on GitHub is the old one so it is recommended that you use Inspect EXE as a part of Windows SDK. Once Windows SDK is installed on your Windows 10. Follow below steps:

Step 1: Navigate to C Drive Program Files (x86) and then Windows Kits 

install inspect.exe on Windows 10

Step 2: Navigate to bin folder for your operating system version, my one is 10, you might have 8 or 11 

install inspect exe on windows exe

Step 3: Open latest one from 10.x or you can open any

where to look for inspect exe on windows 10

Step 4: Open x84 or x64 or arm one if your cpu architecture is ARM

where to find inspect exe on windows

Step 5: There you will find inspect exe

download and install inspect exe on windows 10


Video Tutorial: Download Install Inspect EXE on Windows 10