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Install Cypress on Windows 10 using Direct Download

Direct download is an alternative way of installing Cypress. However, this is not the recommended approach because it has several limitations with it.

  • Recording runs to the Dashboard is not possible from the direct download. This download is only intended as a quick way to try out Cypress. To record tests to the Dashboard, you’ll need to install Cypress as an npm dependency.
  • Not automatically installed with project. Team members need to download and install manually and because of this, there is possibility that one team member is working on version 1 and another on version 2 because the direct download will always grab the latest available version. Your platform will be detected automatically. 

Step 1: Go to cypress io

Step 2: It will automatically detect your system and once you will click on Download Now. A zip file will be downloaded.

cypress direct download from home page


Step 1: Visit Cypress Docs

Step 2: From left menu click on Getting Started -> Installing Cypress

Step 3: You can scroll down to direct download section or click on direct download link on right section 

Cypress direct download from Doc page

Submitted by tgoswami on March 8, 2021

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