Install Android SDK on Mac OS High Sierra

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Android SDK, A software development kit that enables developers to create applications for the Android platform. 

The Android SDK includes sample projects with source code, development tools, an emulator, and required libraries to build Android applications.

Follow below steps to install Android SDK on Mac: 

Step 1: Go to this link

Step 2: Accept term and conditions

Step 3: Click on "Download Android Studio". [Download will start]

Step 4: Open downloaded dmg file.

Step 5: Drag Android Studio icon to Applications folder.

Step 6: Double click on Android Studio Icon.

Step 7: Click on Open.

Step 8: Import existing setting if you have otherwise click OK.

Step 9: Choose type of setup you want for Android Studio.

Step 10: Select Theme.

Step 11: Click Finish.

Step 12: Let it download required files

Step 13: Enter password if below screen appear for HAXM.

Step 14: Enable Security preference if popup appear for it.

Step 15: Click Finish.