Install Acquia Dev Desktop on Windows Operating System

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Acquia Dev Desktop has a full Drupal-specific stack that includes Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Also, due to its integration with Acquia Cloud, Dev Desktop is the easiest method to publish, develop, and synchronize your local Drupal websites onto the web.

Follow below steps to install Acquia Dev Desktop on Windows OS:

Step 1: Open This link and click on Download Now

Step 2: Select WIN Download

Step 3: Let XMail and Add DevDesktop tools to PATH remain selected and click on Next.

Step 4: It will display what all you are gonna install. Click Next.

Step 5: Select the agreement and select Help Us... if you want to share the usage data. Otherwise, click Next.

Step 6: Change the path of stack location and site folder if you want otherwise click next.

Step 7: Change the port if you want otherwise click next.

Step 8: Wait for installation to finish.

Step 9: Uncheck Launch Acquia Dev Desktop... if you want to launch later otherwise click next.

Step 10: Here you can start from scratch. Start from an existing site or launch from Acquia Cloud. We will discuss this later.