Input data file(CSV) to the test script in JMeter

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CSV is most oten used to input data into JMeter test scripts. The CSV Data Set Config is used to read lines from a file and to split them into variables. Follow below steps to read from csv:

Step 1: Right Click on Plan. Click on Add->Config Element->CSV Data Set Config

Step 2: Enter FileName. Use complete path if you are not in bin directory.

Step 3: Enter Variable Name. This is equal to column name in CSV.

Step 4: Enter Delimeter. Comma is Default you can use any other.

Step 5: Create New Login HTTP Request

Step 6: Enter Path of Login page

Step 7: Set Method to Post

Step 8: Set Parameter and give variable names. $ means these are variable not values.

Step 9: Select "URL Encode?" checkbox

Step 10: Run your script

You can view password read successfully using request tab of view Result Tree Listener.