How much does it cost to create an android app in 2023? A detailed guide

How much does it cost to create an android app in 2023? A detailed guide

The Android operating system has the largest share of the smartphone market. Naturally, businesses are more interested in prioritizing Android over other operating systems for shaping their mobile presence. But professional android app development company bear the challenges of this highly segregated market comprising many different devices.

This is why Android app development is time and resource-consuming, and hence there are a lot of concerns regarding the cost of creating an android app. There are several factors impacting the cost of building Android apps. In this blog post, we will explain these factors besides trying to reach an average cost figure for an Android app project. Let’s start.

App size & complexity

The size of the Android app and its complexity are crucial factors in determining the cost of creating an Android app. The number of features and the feature type are two aspects that directly determine the app size and complexity. Let’s figure out these aspects briefly here.

  • Deployment architecture for the app: If you choose Backend as a Support or BaaS, the complexity of backend configuration is taken care of by third-party service providers; hence, you may avoid complexity and reduce development costs. But when you choose custom backend development, it requires development from scratch involving more time and cost.
  • Third-party integrations: For many features and functionalities, the android application requires incorporating other third-party integrations, and when you use a lot of them, the cost of android app development goes up.
  • Admin panel complexity:  Every app has an admin panel, but for mission-critical businesses, admin panels tend to be more complicated. The more controls you need for an admin panel, the more resources it will need. 
  • Monetisation methods: Any app that chooses to go for gated features or two versions, such as ‘free’ and ‘premium’, will involve more cost of android app development than simple ‘paid’ or ‘free’ apps. In-app purchase is another monetization model that also involves higher development costs.
  • Device hardware augmentation: When the app uses the device's hardware capacity and capabilities rigorously, it involves more resources and cost. For instance, game apps often need device function optimization requires more development time and cost.

Which category your Android app falls into?

Another crucial consideration impacting the cost of creating an android app is the category or niche your app falls into. Here we brief on some app categories and their development cost.

  • Mobile Commerce: Mobile commerce apps required to cater to a highly competitive market needs superb UX/UI and advanced features such as chatbot support, payment gateways, visually stunning gallery, robust search function with different filters, and many more. Hence this type of app involves higher android app development costs.
  • Social media & chat messaging:  social media and chat messaging apps require a lot of third-party integrations and access to hardware functions such as audio, camera, location, etc. These apps also involve considerable android app development costs.
  • Gaming apps: Android game App are the most cost-intensive category because of rich graphics, immersive technologies like VR, AR, and 3D, the need for device function optimization, third-party integrations, a lot of interactive features, rich animations, etc.
  • IoT-based apps: Apps catering to interaction needs with connected devices in the real world relies heavily on device functions and capabilities and hence involve development complexity. IoT apps also require higher development time and cost.

Other resource-consuming app categories include media and entertainment, mobile learning apps, enterprise apps, fintech apps, health tech apps, ERP and CRM apps, etc.

The cost of app design

The complexity of the UI/UX will also result in higher design time and the corresponding cost. Android apps follow the Material Design principle, and to implement this for the advanced smartphones in the Android ecosystem; you need to bear a higher android app development cost.

The app projects requiring rich animation, graphics, advanced scrolling, and navigation techniques involve higher android app development costs. As the design complexity grows, the project needs more evaluation and granular-level design focus attracting more price.

App maintenance & support

The cost of building an android platform app also involves the cost of support and maintenance, including all the incremental updates and value additions that are to come continuously. With the app's size and complexity, the maintenance cost grows as developers must deal with more user pain points and deliver more security patches.

Since the app maintenance and updating cost depends on your development approach, you get a roadmap of this cost estimate in the beginning. When the app follows an incremental development plan, leaves all the ‘good-to-have’ features for future updates, and starts with the elementary features, the maintenance and updating costs will continue to pile up on the original development cost.

Android app developer category and location

The actual cost to build an android mobile app depends primarily on the developers' hourly rates. The rate also depends upon the chosen hiring and engagement model. Most importantly, the more experienced and senior developers you choose, the more you should be prepared to spend on resources.

Secondly, where you choose the developers to work on your app project also determines the cost of development to a great extent. North America and Europe are the expensive regions for hiring developers, while you get the most competitive rates for experienced developers in East Europe and Asia.

Final Words

It is almost impossible to figure out an exact cost to create an android app as such an average will be like forcing a middle point that doesn’t match most apps. Since every app is unique, the cost of android application development needs to be figured based on its technical requirements, resource needs, complexity, features, app size, app category, hiring model, and developer locations.

The last advice is to give development quality always priority over cost. You should turn to cost considerations to ensure that the quality parameters are fully met.

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