How To Launch your Snow Removal APP, like Uber?

How To Launch your Snow Removal APP, like Uber?

Every winter, in most parts of North America and Europe, the demand for snow removal services increases. Unfortunately, like booking a cab ride on Uber, they need help easily book such services on days of high snowfall. Heavy snowfall becomes a menace by blocking the doorway, parking spaces, and even outhouses. This is when people think about a snow removal app like Uber that can help people call service and clean out their parking lots, driveways, snow-clogged drains, and more.

How to build a snow removal app like Uber to cater to the needs of people in heavy snowfall regions? Well, here we provide a step-by-step guide.

Understand the target users of the app

To develop a snow removal app like Uber you first need to define the target user audience and know in which major cities there is the highest demand because of the heavy snowfall in every winter. Apart from the cities and towns, the app can also cater to the countryside, but since in cities, the workers, along with their snow plowing vehicles, need to travel less, they have the advantage of providing quick and efficient service.

So, first, you need to figure out the region and the corresponding cities, towns, and countryside you will cater to with snow removal services. Targeting a more significant market is always great from the revenue perspective, but accordingly, you need to make arrangements for the resources that can be available all through the winter.

Understanding the revenue model for snow removal app

The snow removal businesses are service providers; hence, the app has no other functional benefit than fetching user orders. With an Uber-like mobile app, people surrounded by heavy snow-pile can quickly get in touch with any of the service providers, compare rates of different service providers, book a service, track the location of the snow-plowing vehicle on the way to their place and make payment.

The two ways you can generate revenues are by establishing a snow removal business represented by its app or by providing an aggregator app allowing users to connect to different snow removal services nearby. The second one is more like an Uber parallel for snow-plowing services, and it works simply by sharing revenues with the service providers against each completed service.

Understanding how a snow removal aggregator app like Uber functions

Since this type of snow removal app lists all the snow-removal services by region, rates, specialties, and other parameters, it generates revenue from the proceeds of what a snow removal service charges the customers.

  • Through this app, app users search for various snow removal services in different regions, compare their rates, and connect the one that suits their needs. 
  • After making a service request, it is up to the service provider to accept it, and once accepted, the job is scheduled in the job queue for the particular day.
  • When accepting the job, snow removal professionals consider various factors such as difficulties, location, distance, rate, transportation cost, etc.  
  • Before agreeing to a service request, the said business also gives a cost quote and timing that the user can accept or reject. A service request is confirmed upon agreement on all these, and a job is scheduled. 
  • If the customer accepts the price and timing, the job is scheduled, and professionals set out for the destination. 
  • When the snow removal service professionals and their vehicle and equipment set off for the customer's destination, their location can be tracked in real time through the integrated GPS map of the app. 
  • After finishing the job, the customer reviews it thoroughly, and the service professionals take a snap of the places from where they have removed snow. This serves as proof of job completion. 
  • After both parties agree, the customer approves and is given a bill for the service. 
  • The customer can either pay in cash or make an online payment for the service and can give ratings and write reviews for the service through the same app.

What are the key features to consider?

As of now, we have explained how a snow removal app functions. Now we will describe the key features that every snow removal app should have.

  • GPS map and location tracking: The app should have a comprehensive GPS map and location tracking feature to help users locate the service providers nearby by hovering on a map. The same quality will also help them track real-time locations when the service professionals are on their way.
  • Weather updates: Snow removal services are only needed in harsh winter, and weather changes can force users and service providers to change plans. Integrating weather updates and forecasting features is extremely important for these apps.
  • Rich search with filters: To help customers search for different snow removal services across categories, locations and pricing it is important for the app to provide a detailed search function with a lot of filters.
  • In-app Chatbot: Though it is an advanced feature with chatbot support, the aggregator app can efficiently inform customers, make booking orders easier, and quickly address pain points.
  • Mobile payment: Customers should also be able to make payments for the billed services through the same app. The app should integrate the leading e-wallets and mobile payment features to help customers make payments.
  • Social media access: Last but not least, an Uber-like snow removal aggregator app should also allow its users to share their feedback and make distress calls in times of emergency by using social media platforms.

Over To You

If you want to take the burgeoning opportunity of a snow removal business through an app like Uber, you need to do market research. Your app must stand out from the competitors through a seamless user experience and easy-to-use app features. Hopefully, your snow removal app will take off this winter and make a new success story. All the best!

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