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How to Install Cucumber Plugin in Eclipse

If you are looking for an alternative to Natural Plugin, try using Cucumber Eclipse Plugin, This plugin has many features and is regularly updated.

Download Cucumber Eclipse Plugin

If you want to download and use plugin offline you can follow this step otherwise you can directly install it using URL. 

Step 1: Open this URL and click on Latest Label from releases section

Download Cucumber Eclipse Plugin

Step 2: Download the Zip File

download zip file for cucumber eclipse plugin

Step 2: Download the Zip File

Install Cucumber Eclipse Plugin

Step 1: Click on Help->Install New Software

install cucumber eclipse plugin using install new software

Step 2 (Online): "Install" popup will appear paste this url in "work with" textbox and press enter, you will see "Cucumber Eclipse Plugin" as an option. 

cucumber eclipse plugin download

Step 2 (Offline): Click on Add and then on Archive

cucumber eclipse plugin offline

Select your downloaded zip file and click on Add

cucumber eclipse plugin offline

Name field is optional.

Step 3: Select "Cucumber Eclipse Plugin" checkbox and click "Next" twice, Installation will start.

eclipse cucumber plugin install

Step 4: Accept the agreement and click "Finish"

eclipse cucumber plugin install

Step 5: You may get security warning, Just click "Install anyway".

Install anyway cucumber eclipse plugin

Step 6: There would be a message to restart your eclipse, click on "Restart Now"

Your installation is complete.

In next video we will discuss some of its feature and how to use this plugin.

Video Tutorial: How to Install Cucumber Plugin in Eclipse

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