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How to Install Allure in Windows

To generate Allure reports you will need allure command. To install allure command line there could be several methods. Below are 2 of them:

Install Allure Framework command line on Windows OS using Scoop

To install Allure, download and install Scoop and then execute in the Powershell:

scoop install allure

Also Scoop is capable of updating Allure distribution installations. To do so navigate to the Scoop installation directory and execute

\bin\checkver.ps1 allure -u

This will check for newer versions of Allure, and update the manifest file. Use checkver.ps1 to query the current version of either a specific app or all apps of a bucket. If an updated version existed, you can autoupdate manifest by checkver.ps1 too.

Then execute

scoop update allure

To Uninstall use

scoop uninstall allure

Install Allure Framework command line on Windows OS Manually

Step 1: Open Maven Link and download the latest version .zip file

Step 2: Unzip and copy the folder to desired directory

Step 3: Go to Control Panel ->System Variable and set path for allure bin folder

Video Tutorial: Install Allure Command Line Windows

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