How to Handle Dropdown in Playwright

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With a playwright, you can handle different types of dropdowns. This article will focus on the basic one, including select and option tags. We will select the value from the dropdown using three techniques value, label, and index.

Table of Contents

  1. Demo Website
  2. selectOption Method
  3. Select By Value
  4. Select By Label
  5. Select By Index
  6. Video Tutorial

1. Demo Website

To practice, visit this link:

Playwright Handle Dropdown

<select class="custom-select" style="width:150px;">
    <option value="item1">Badminton</option>
    <option value="item2">Cricket</option>
    <option value="item3">Football</option>
    <option value="item4">Table Tennis</option>

2. selectOption Method


locator.selectOption(values[, options])
page.selectOption(selector, values[, options])
frame.selectOption(selector, values[, options])
  • We can select one or more options using this method.
  • We can select by value, index, or label using this method.
  • It Returns the array of option values that have been successfully selected.
  • This method throws an error if the target element is not a <select> element.
  • This method waits for actionability checks until all specified options are present in the <select>.

3. Select By Value

The Default option is value. You only need to give the value of the option value attribute as a parameter.

test.only('Dropdown Value', async({page})=>{
    await page.goto('')
    await page.locator('select.custom-select').selectOption('item2')

Here select.custom-select is the selector of the dropdown and item2 is the value of value attribute of Cricket.

4. Select By Label

The label is the value displayed in the dropdown.

await  page.locator('select.custom-select').selectOption({ label: 'Table Tennis' })

5. Select By Index

You can also specify the index. Here, the index starts from 0.

await  page.locator('select.custom-select').selectOption({ index: 2 })

Here index 2 will select value Football.

Video Tutorial: How to Handle Dropdown in Playwright