How To Get Feedback From Customers

How To Get Feedback From Customers

How To Get Feedback From Customers

Customers are the lifeblood of any organization. No matter how great a company's products and services are, it will all be futile without the customers. This is why any organization needs to get its customers' feedback. Asking customer feedback is the best way to ensure that you keep your customers satisfied.

Why value do you get from customers' feedback?

By knowing your customers' opinions and thoughts on your brand, products, and services, you get valuable information that can be crucial for your business. Customer feedback will let you understand what they want in your products and services, what you can improve on, and what it will take to keep them supporting your business. It will also aid you in maintaining your competitive advantage.

So how can you collect your customers' feedback? Here are some of the most popular ways.


Surveys are the most dependable way to do this. Surveys are the best choice to get high-quality feedback as you can ask many questions. Surveys are also easy to distribute to your target respondents, making getting input from a large population easier. Just make sure that you ask the right questions to get valuable information.

You can formulate your survey into multiple-choice, true or false/ yes or no, and rankings using a Likert scale. You can also add an open-ended question for your customers to explain their answers more.


Customer interview is another way to get insights. By asking open-ended questions and with the right follow-up questions, you can better understand their thoughts. However, the concern with an interview is getting their objective responses since there might be bias, especially if the customer you are talking to is a people pleaser.

Focus Group Discussion

A Focus Group Discussion is like an interview, but more people are together, and you facilitate the discussion based on what you want to focus on. For your FGDs to be effective, choose the right people for the meeting. Open respondents are better as they share their thoughts easily. Ask the right questions too, and make sure to insert clarifications and follow-up questions so that the discussion will be enriching and in-depth. Assign someone as an observer to note your participants' behavior and non-verbal actions, and of course, a recorder to review what transpired in the FGD. 

Here are other innovative approaches to getting your customers' feedback.

Maximize social media.

Maximize your social media pages because everyone is present in the social media world. Post your online survey links on your social media pages so that they can reach more customers and you can get more responses. You can also conduct a social media contest wherein one of the requirements to qualify is to answer your survey. That way, you get more engagement and responses for your market research.

You may also check out Instagram stories to get customer feedback. You can post questions or conduct a poll using the app. Through this, you get a pulse on your customer's preference.

As for Facebook, make sure that your chat option is always responsive. Your customers can easily send a message to you using that channel- it can be a rave, a concern, or an inquiry. Once they are chatting with you, you can easily use that opportunity to ask them about their preferences or suggestions. 

Another way to use social media is by creating online communities and groups. By having a forum, you can get a lot of feedback from real customers and easily promote your new offerings to them by using this medium. The engagement you create can make your customers more interested in your brand. You also let them feel how much you give importance to them.

Use your website.

Your website is your company's address in the online world. Make the most of it by ensuring a website feedback tool is available where your customers can reach you through your site. Analyze as well the behavior of your customers and prospects when they visit your site- check what products are usually clicked, what gets a high rating, and so on. You can even install a live chat so that customers will be enticed to engage in your sit and give their opinion.

Here are other tips for getting your customers' feedback.

The more channels and methods you have in getting customer feedback, the better. Combining different ways can confirm your information and get more quality data. It can also lessen the bias as well.

In addition, make sure that all the feedback and information you have extracted from your customers will not go to waste. Have reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to organize, monitor, and study the customer information you have. A CRM manages all interactions with your customers and improves the business by streamlining processes and customer experience. In the end, this will help your company be profitable and your customers satisfied.

Wrapping Up

American business author Michael LeBoeuf said that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. This holds true because as long as you satisfy your customers, you ensure that your business will thrive. Ensure your business continuity by listening to your customers. 

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