How to establish an Instagram Aesthetic?

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Instagram is the platform for captivating content and brands can capitalize on this with consistent and creative posts.

Instagram is a huge channel that has garnered more than 500 million users, 4.2 billion likes and more than 95 million photos and videos posted per day. To establish a distinct brand aesthetic - a well-curated feed, and an effective community management strategy- all stemming from your own unique brand identity. 

Here aesthetic means the well integrated and general impression of a user's posts. Being consistent with the core brand values you are aligning brand with your target audience. Therefore building awareness. 

Here are few ideas for building your aesthetic:

  1. Know the brand identity: A great part of your aesthetic will derive from Brand identity. What’s your brand personality and tonality? What are its values? Is your brand playful? Adventurous? Bold and daring?
  2. Determine your Target Audience: It is very important to know existing and future customers. So that the communication is curated in such a way what they love about your brand, products, and services. Then, reflect that back to them in your Instagram feed.
  3. Create a story with each photo displayed on the post: The more compelling your story, the less it would feel to your customers that you’re just selling them something and bring the loyality from them.
  4. Choose a color palette, “feel,” or filter: Using a color palette, filter, or even texture in your Instagram posts can give you that much sought-after level of consistency in your feeds.
  5. Post content that reflects your brand’s core value: In a creative way you can always showcase your product or services.You can also post user-generated content (UGC) posts sourced from customers and followers- to build brand trust and awareness.
  6. Plan ahead: Most well-organized Instagram aesthetics are organized and planned ahead.
  7. Create a branded hashtag: A branded hashtag is unique to a company, product, or event that is used to help promote whatever it represents.