How does AI tools help to enhance content writing skills?

How does AI tools help to enhance content writing skills?

Content writing is a profession where a person has to produce content on a regular basis, according to the needs and preferences while looking into many aspects to achieve perfection. 

There are many different sub-skills a content writer needs to master to be at the top of this field and produce content that can compete. However, thanks to AI technology advancements, things have become a little easier nowadays. 

AI in editing text has come a long way and is improving every single day. Now, a writer can use AI-based machines to generate, improve, edit, and proofread content quickly but the reliability of such utilities is still doubted by many people online. 

Many tools are powered with AI tools like grammar checkers, paraphrase tools, article and outline generators, and so on. 

In this post, we will look into some of the famous and reputable tools present online promising to generate and edit text for content writers to assist them and enhance their manual content writing skills. 

AI tools Content Writers Should Look Out For

AI-based tools can help writers in different ways:

  • Paraphrase old content into fresh, usable content
  • Bust writer’s block and create outlines
  • Helps in making original and authentic content
  • Check grammatical mistakes and helps to remove them

These are some ways that AI-based tools can help you. Now we will look into some of the best tools available for the above-mentioned processes. 

Paraphrase outdated content

Google is loaded with text, videos, images, and what not to provide assist because of so much content available already, Google seeks and wants writers to come up with fresh ideas and insights that can benefit users more and ranks them accordingly. 

Google wants webmasters and writers to come up with content that is relevant, accurate, and unique. It can be hard at times to rewrite content with fresh ideas, phrases, and words as it requires extensive research, which can be exhausting at times. 

The paraphrase tool with AI is the answer for you in scenarios where you want to reuse or update existing content with the latest developments and advancements to benefit your readers. 

Paraphrasing manually is also done, but it consumes a lot of time and effort. You can use the to your advantage. All you need is to enter a piece of text, hit the button and the tool will generate a creative and updated version in seconds.


This means you do not have to manually research or brainstorm ideas and paraphrase your text manually, allowing you to save your efforts to write new content. 

Furthermore, as a writer, you would want to use your writing in different places. For instance, your company asked you to write an article, and you wrote it beautifully, but you also want to use it somewhere else for yourself. 

You can use it, but you have to paraphrase it a little to make sure it looks unique. This is another scenario where this tool can help. 

This tool offers eight modes that can paraphrase your text in different ways. Every mode is focused on paraphrasing the text in certain ways. Plagiarism remover ensures your text is changed to the extent that no traces of plagiarism remain in the text. 

Bust writer’s block

Writer’s block is a real thing, and as a writer, you will relate to this as one of the most frustrating and exhausting moments in the writing process. To address this issue, AI tools surfaced. Jasper is one of the earliest and most accurate content creation tools presented online. 

With the help of artificial intelligence, this tool helps writers produce content from start to finish, and because of its distinctive features, it stands out from all the counterparts of this content generator.

Bust writer’s block

This tool can help you avoid writer’s block whenever you face it by allowing you a kickstart by generating an outline according to the topic, suitable sub-headings, and so much more and you do not even have to do much, all you need is to add the title in the provided section, and there you go with the results in no time. 

It can help you become a better writer as well by allowing you to understand how you should start and write according to the topic.

Create authentic and unique content

Finding original sources and materials can be hard at times for a writer. General information is easily available and can be quoted without any issues, but when it comes to state statistics and facts, a writer needs to be more efficient. 

Adding fake news and stats is the last thing a good and dedicated writer would want to add to their text. This is where the Google fact checker tool comes in handy.

Create authentic and unique content

This tool is backed with AI that is relatively very easy to use and allows you to get the real and right information without any hassle. 

Fix Grammatical errors

Grammarly is one of the many reputable tools that come to check articles, blogs, or any form of text. Many writers use this tool to make sure their copy is readable and error-free before they submit it or upload it online.

Fix Grammatical errors

This tool is easy to use. This tool work by analyzing the content, understanding its tone, fluency and delivery, clarity and pointing out any mistake that can make the content error-less and readable. 

It also offers simple reports showing the insights of your writings and suggests how you can improve your text. 


As we have discussed, AI tools can help content writers in different scenarios, and all the benefits these various tools offer are ultimately helping writers to complete their work and, in the meantime, improve their writing skills. 

These AI-based tools help writers to learn more writing skills. AI helps in exploring new ideas and creating new content for writers, bloggers, and students.  

All the above-mentioned tools are used by thousands of writers across the globe for different purposes. You can try and test whether these tools help you as a writer or not.

Additionally, if you want to learn how these tools are crafted using different coding languages and their functionalities, head on to our web development course. Learn and understand the complexities behind these and other various tools or websites you will see online.  

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