Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner tool is designed to help marketers in discovering important keywords and to find data for certain keywords like search numbers, competition, and ad pricing.

Keyword Planner combines two of the most popular former Google Ads tools; the Google Keyword Tool and the AdWords Traffic Estimator.

The right keywords can get your ad in front of the right customers, and Google Ads Keyword Planner is here to help.

How to access Google Ads Keyword Planner?

  • You can access Keywords Planner in both Expert and Smart Mode. In smart mode you will find it in Tools & Settings and in expert mode you will find it in Tools -> Planning -> Keyword Planner
  • You must complete your account setup by entering your billing information and creating a campaign. If you’re not yet ready to spend money, you can choose to pause your campaigns.

Google Keyword Planner Benefits

  1. Free: You can use this free tool to discover new keywords related to your business and see estimates of the searches they receive and the cost to target them.
  2. Refreshed Daily: Keyword Planner's forecasts are refreshed daily and based on the last 7-10 days, adjusted for seasonality. 
  3. Discover new keywords: Get suggestions for keywords related to your products, services, or website.
  4. See monthly searches: See estimates on the number of searches a keyword gets each month.
  5. Determine cost: See the average cost for your ad to show on searches for a keyword.
  6. Organize keywords: See how your keywords fit into different categories related to your brand.
  7. Create new campaigns: Keyword Planner also provides another way to create Search campaigns that’s centered around in-depth keyword research. 

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