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Google Ads Keyword Match Types

These are of five types:

  1. Broad Match
  2. Broad Match Modifier
  3. Phrase Match
  4. Exact Match
  5. Negative Match

1. Broad Match: Broad match allows your ad to show on similar phrases and close variations of the keyword. Close variations include misspellings, singular and plural forms, acronyms, abbreviations, and accents.

Broad match: laptop computers
May show for: computers, desktop computers, Sony computer reviews

2. Broad Match Modifier: It starts with the ‘+’ sign and indicates the search exactly or close variant.
Broad match modifier: +laptop +computers
May show for: laptop computer reviews, laptop computer manual

3. Phrase Match: Phrase match keywords domes with quotes. it must contain all the words (or close variants) in the keyword in the same order without any words in between.

Phrase match modifier: “laptop computers”
May show for: buy laptop computers, laptop computers for sale

4. Exact Match: It involves that the search term exactly match the keywords will trigger your ad. Putting the keyword in brackets sets exact match keywords.
Exact match: [laptop computers]
Only show for: laptop computers

5. Negative Match: A negative phrase-match keyword allows you to exclude your ad for searches with those keywords. It includes  ’-‘  (minus) sign before the keyword.

Negative match keywords are of further three types:

  • Negative Phrase Match: Your ad won't show if the search contains the exact keyword terms in the same order. 
  • Negative exact Match: Your ad won't show if the search contains the exact keyword terms, in the same order, without extra words
  • Negative Broad Match: Your ad won't show if the search contains all your negative keyword terms, even if the terms are in a different order.


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