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Finding elements for Android web-based apps using the Chrome ADB plugin

We need to install add-on in order to remotely inspect the web elements. Here are the steps for finding elements:

Step 1: The Chrome Browser gives us an ADB add-on to access the source code of the  the mobile app remotely. To download the add on follow this link and click on "Add to Chrome" to add extension.

Step 2: Click on "View Inspection Targets"

Step 3: Connect your device using USB if not already connected

Step 4: Open chrome browser in your device and navigate to desired url.

Step 5: Navigate to chrome://inspect in your device.

Step 6: Click on Inspect, A window will open with website you have opened on your device.

Step 7: You can inspect the element in a similar way you inspect in browser.

Submitted by tgoswami on March 2, 2021

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