Features of JMeter

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Here are some important Features of JMeter:

  • Open Source: Free and Open Source. You can use the source code for your development.
  • GUI: User friendly graphical user interface, makes it easy to learn.
  • Record & Playback: Record user activity on the browsers.
  • Platform Independent: Run on multiple platforms.
  • Extensible: Visualization plugins which allow you to extend your testing.
  • Multi-Threading: Concurrent and simultaneous sampling of different functions by a separate thread group.
  • Server/Protocol Support: All basic protocols such as HTTP, JDBC, LDAP, SOAP, FTM, JMS, SMTP(S), POP(3) and IMAP(S) are supported.
  • Installation & Setup: Easy
  • Simulation: Can simulate many users at once.
  • Test Result Visualization: Test result can be displayed in a different format such as table, chart, tree, log files etc.
  • Testing Types: Load Testing, Distributed TEsting, Soak/Endurance and Functional Testing.
  • Script Testing: Can be integrated with Selenium and Bean Shell.
  • Distributed Testing: Master slave for distributed processing where master will distribute tests among all salve and slave will execute scripts against your server.