Difference between TypeScript and JavaScript

1. Type of Language

  • typescript is an object-oriented programming language 
  •  javascript is a scripting programming language.

2. Dynamic or Static Typing

  • Javascript(Dynamic Typing): As we all know javascript is a dynamically typed language which means the software does not treat type differences as errors up until the runtime of the code.
  • Typescript(Optional Static Typing): Typescript introduces optional static typing that once declared the variable doesn't change its type and it can take only certain values. The compiler alerts the developer of the bug in the early state which helps to catch the bug early.

3. Readabilities

  • Javascript(Few readabilities): This means a lot of errors need to be fixed manually.
  • Typescript(Improved Readability): This won't be a problem for ts because typescript can catch the errors at the stage of writing the code rather than during compile time. Typescript offers clear categories for variable declaration. Typescript provides a more informative version of a codebase whereas it lacks javascript

4. Intellisense:

  • Typescript offers the capability of helping out the developers by autocompleting the code that Microsoft itself readied the feature of IntelliSense.

5. Ecosystem:

  • Javascript outweighs the number of tools that support typescript.

6. Popularity:

  • Of course, javascript is the most popular language than typescript currently.

7. Compilation:

  • Typescript scripts eventually transpile into javascript making the code development easy.

8. Use Cases

Typescript Use cases:

  • If you have a large codebase and require static typing and additionally speed is a priority then typescript is the thing for you.

Javascript Use cases:

  • Extra transpilation tax isn't an option javascript can run directly on a browser, unlike typescript.
  • Flexibility is a priority as javascript offers dynamic typing which allows us to create new functionality without sticking to the new rules.
  • Framework unsupported in a typescript is a waste of its feature as it will not assist with an unsupported framework.


To conclude both javascript and typescript have their cons and pros, to be frank, but they are willing to assist in their own best field and respective to their style of functionality.

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