Difference between Alpha and Beta Testing

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Alpha Testing: Alpha testing is one of the type of acceptance testing performed to identify all the bugs before releasing the product to clients/stakeholders or everyday users or public. It is done early on near the end of development but before release to clients. Focus of this testing simulates all real users for Black box and White box testing techniques. Alpha testing is conducted in virtual environment/lab environment or at developer’s site.

Beta Testing: Beta testing is the next phase of software testing after alpha testing and is performed by real users or clients of software application in real environment. It is done just after alpha testing in live environment in which developers are not present and done at client’s site only. It is final test just before shipping final product to stakeholders. It allows customers to provide any feedback, modifications which are important for the success of the product.

                             Alpha Testing

                              Beta Testing

Alpha testing is done on developer’s site or by the testers of the organization.

Beta testing is performed by clients or end users who are not part of organization.

Alpha testing is performed at developer’s site

Beta testing is carried out at client site.

Reliability and Security testing are not performed in depth in alpha testing.

Reliability, Security, Robustness are the part of beta testing

Alpha testing involves both black box and white box testing.

Beta testing involves black box, functional and UI testing.

Alpha testing require lab environment or testing environment

Beta testing require beta or live environment.

Alpha testing is being carried out by team of highly skilled professional testers

Beta testing is being carried out by clients or end users in real time environment.

Alpha testing is carried out within the organization in which developers, testers and business analyst are involved.

Beta testing is conducted in live real time environment at client side by end users.

During alpha testing developers and testers record errors encountered during testing

During beta testing  end users perform User acceptance testing and record errors encountered during testing and share with developer.

Alpha testing is effective testing method and ensures high quality services to clients

Beta testing is carried out to test application as per the expectations before releasing to public.

Alpha testing ensures potentially shippable product to client or stake holders

Beta testing reduces product failure risk by increasing customer satisfaction.