Cypress Request/Response Modification with routeHandler

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This article will show how to modify a request/response with a route handler.

Routehandler is the last argument to modify the outgoing or stub request/response or make assertions.

cy.intercept('/endpoint', (req) => {

We can do several things with the intercepted request:

  • Modify and make assertions with the body, URL, method, etc.
  • Stub responses without having to deal with the actual backend.
  • Pass requests and make assertions or modifications.
  • Attaching listeners to various events.


       cy.intercept('GET', '','success', (req) => {

           req.continue((res) => {
  • With this, we are asserting the response code to 200.

Send Payload:

           method: 'POST', 
           url: '',
           middleware: false
       },(req) => {
           req.continue((res) => {
               res.send({ "name":"JohnWick",
  • Here it is used to send the payload to the API site using the POST method.

Add Header:

cy.intercept('POST', '/users', (req) => {
 req.headers['Hello'] = 'added by naruto'
  • Here it is used to modify the header and add a custom header or even modify the existing header.


These are some ways we can play around with route handlers using intercept in cypress.