Cypress Difference between parent and parents command

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Cypress Parent vs Parents

Cypress parent command gets the parent DOM element of a set of DOM elements. Parent() command is different from parents() command, parent() only travels a single level up the DOM tree as opposed to the parents() command, which travels multiple levels and return set of elements.


Demo Link:

Let us see a DOM level simple example to get a clear picture of how parent and parents work:

<ul class="nav-icon">
    <ul class="nav-bar">
      <li class="active">Dream</li>

Parents Command

Let's say we want to get parents of class active.

  • When we run this, we will get the parents of
  • So here it will yield 3 elements
    1. ul.nav-bar
    2. li
    3. ul.nav-icon [or 5 if body and html exist]
  • We can use these selector yields to isolate and do operations within a specific parent-child DOM element.

Parent Command 

Let's say we want to get parent of class active.

  • When we run this, we will get the immediate parent of up to the DOM tree
  • So here it will yield ul.nav-var a single element as oppose to parents command.

You can get the specific element or elements using parent or parents command by giving selector as a parameter as well.


Here parents will return 2 elements [ul.nav-bar, ul.nav-icon] and parent will return 1, ul.nav-bar

So, these are the basic stuff needed to know about parent and parents where the parent is a command mainly used to fetch a single parent element of a child DOM element and Parents commands are used to fetch multiple parent elements of a child's DOM element.