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Cypress Check Command

Cypress Check command is used to check checkboxes and radio buttons. The element must be an input with a type checkbox or radio for this command to work. It yields the same subject it was given from the previous command.


.check(value, options)
.check(values, options)
  • value (String): Value of checkbox or radio that should be checked.
  • values (Array): Values of checkboxes or radios that should be checked.
  • options (Object): Pass in an options object to change the default behavior of .check(). Accepted Options: animationDistanceThreshold, log, force, scrollBehavior, timeout, waitForAnimations


  1. .check() requires being chained off a command that yields DOM element(s).
  2. .check() requires the element to have type checkbox or radio .
  3. .check() will automatically wait for the element to reach an actionable state
  4. .check() will automatically retry until all chained assertions have passed
  5. .check() can time out waiting for the element to reach an actionable state .
  6. .check() can time out waiting for assertions you've added to pass.


Demo Link:

Cypress check command example

1. Select all Checkboxes and Radio Buttons


Select all Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

If you select all radio buttons on the page, it will choose the last radio button from each group because we can choose only one from each group in a set of related radio buttons.

2. Select a Checkbox or Radio Button using Locator


This will select checkbox Two and first radio button Canada.

select checkbox and radio button in cypress

3. Select a Checkbox or Radio Button using a value


Select a Checkbox or Radio Button using a value

Here one value was already selected and we selected three using its value. IN is the value for India label.

4. Select multiple checkboxes using values

cy.get("input[name='count']").check(['three', 'four'])

select multiple checkboxes using cypress

5. Verify currently selected checkboxes or radio button 

//Select checkbox using div id and :checked property
cy.get('#countries :checked')
    .and('have.value', 'one')

// Select radio button using multiple attributes and values
    .and('have.value', 'US')

verify currently selected checkbox and radio button in cypress

Video Tutorial: Cypress Select Checkbox and Radio Button

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