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Cypress Aliases DOM elements

Cypress aliases are an essential feature and have their own uses. To use aliases, we need to invoke/chain the target with .as() which you are gonna share. Imagine a web element with repeated usage. We cant use the selector on every place of the code.
Instead, we use the alias to name that web element line to a custom name which you are gonna use in the code repeatedly.

Then after naming, the alias object can be accessed with a hook(@).


.as('any name')

Let's dive into action on how these work.

Aliasing Elements:

I'm gonna use this in a simple login automation page.

describe('Automating The Signin Of Zero Site',()=> {
    it('visit the site ',()=>{
        cy.log('Before Reload')
        cy.log('After Reload')
    it('Enter signin details',()=>{

    it('Enter Password',()=>{
    it('Tick checkbox',()=>{
    it('click submit button',()=>{
        cy.contains('Sign in').click()
    it('error verify',()=>{
        cy.get('.alert-error').should('be.visible').and('contain','Login and/or password are wrong.')
  • Notice i have used an alias in both the place for username and password selectors.
  • As I need to use them repeatedly, i have implemented this, and the code looks more straightforward and understandable.

Let's see another example.

describe('Automate AutoPract',()=>{
    it('Should load the url ',()=>{
        cy.get("ul[id='sub-menu'] li[class='ng-star-inserted']").find('a').contains(' clothing ').as('CLOTHING')

  • Here I have chained the get, find, and contains and named an alias to them.
  • So similarly, we can use the alias to name repeating future sharable web elements.

Submitted by arilio666 on October 8, 2021

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